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The oversize chandelier  ZEUS is the latest creation of Glassware Busato , it is a record chandelier, 3.5 meters high and 4.5 in diameter . It’s an original drawing of the master Marco Busato and is inspired by the famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh  . It ‘s a chandelier ” oversize “, Iris with blue and orange flowers , made ​​from processing ” Torcello” , lance-shaped leaves in shades of green and etched . The innovation of the Iris model is the lighting system : the intent of the teacher is to play a bunch of flowers and to achieve the purpose  the lighting control is placed inside each flower ( G9 halogen bulbs inside ) thus making fully bright chandelier

COD: FIO-8-90 // Ask more informations

lightLIGHTS  90

heightHEIGHT  350 cm

diameterDIAMETER  450 cm